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2010-06-30 09:15 am

i don't think i've ever HURT from laughing before

So this cool cat went to see Eclipse last night with Maddy and my dad's girlfriend. First off:  I NEED TO WRITE AN AU WHERE VICTORIA IS REALLY A TERMINATOR SENT BY THE VOLTURI BECAUSE ALICE IS A PART OF THEM AND NOT A CULLEN AND SEES THAT THEY WILL IMPREGNATE BELLA AND CREATE A MONSTER CHILD. (and Maddy approves of this lol)

Also: glow crotch. And Jasper's Texan accent (which is SUDDENLY THERE).

No lie, I laughed all the way from the beginning (Riley isn't that bad looking, considering the cast) right to the credits with Maddy. I bet everything hated us lol

And we didn't get to sleep until like 3:30, but since I can't sleep past 9 am EVAR, I'm up.


ps - At least it was amusing to watch. If you're not a fan, it's only bearable with somebody there to make off-hand comments with. ;D
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2010-06-28 02:51 pm

(no subject)

Strictly VC-canon. Hosted on my public DW fic comm. Enjoy!

Title Smile
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG
Word Count 450
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary Lestat liked it when Louis smiled. Not a 'good Lord you are dumb' smile, or an 'I don't even know who you are any more' smile; an honest smile, a real smile.
Notes lol cheesy. I wrote this like... a year ago, maybe.


Title Christmas
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG
Word Count 565
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary One of Lestat's favorite things to do when the weather outside was frightful (but the fire looked so delightful) was lay in front of the fire place, his beautiful Louis in his arms, and sing the songs of the season. Not like the leader of a rockband would, but like how they sang it in the shops over the speakers, the smile evident on their faces.
Notes A christmas fic that I wrote a few weeks back.


Title Self Help Books
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG-13
Word Count 980
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary Of course he would read such a thing in a book! All he ever does is read and brood.
Notes Written in 1st person Lestat.


Title Collection
Fandom Vampire Chronciles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG-13
Word Count 689
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary One of Lestat's favorite things to collect was lovers. Even if they were fleeting, he still collected them as if he only had a certain amount of time before they all disappeared forever


Title Untitled
Author [personal profile] nicole4
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis, Armand/Louis
Rating PG-13
Word Count 1244
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary Louis couldn't just leave me like this, a being lost and heartbroken. No, it's inconceivable, to steal a line from an old movie I saw many years ago. So I waited, and waited, and after a few days of Louis not coming back to our apartment, I decided that it was time to do something drastic: call Armand.
Notes Written in 1st person (Lestat).

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2010-06-28 01:04 pm
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this is why i hate technology

Okay so my laptop, for some reason, isn't letting me get on the internet - but limewire is totes cool to be on it. So I tried a system restore and all that jazz but nothing happened so... whatever. /: I'll just use it for writing, then, I guess. But I got our old desktop to work so happy! And the camera is working! Huzzah!

So I get to be on a crappy XP desktop, which is definitely better than nothing. Oh, and I'm getting a charger for my laptop (finally) so it's all good in the hood.

slow week, going to hang out with my dad all week so they'll be swimming while i chill at home with the dogs. :/ It's my brother's birthday! He's 27! (:



So my friend gave me a crapload of books to read this summer and I'm all excited because I really admire her and we've been BFFs for like three years (even though I caused a buuunch of drama between us and Julie). And the books - I read like a page of each yesterday - are really good, and I think I may have found some new fandoms. ;D


Made a fic community: [community profile] nicoleeolee . Yay me. My dad's getting DirecTV so we don't have poor people cable anymore - double yay! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I got back to my account and found a bunch of beta requests. I totally forgot about that lmfao. Oh well~

BTW, Twilight has a lot of good fanfic. Truth be told, it's hidden under craaaaaaaaaap (as in all fandoms), but it's like finding a golden needle in a haystack - satisfying and shiny. (:
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2010-06-25 10:04 am
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we don't even watch the World Cup

But my older sister came in with her iPhone this morning and woke me up with her vuvuzela app at 5 in the morning. Literally... I almost peed myself and probably made my cat deaf. I thought we were under attack, tbh. I don't know why, I just did.

Going to the zoo today, then going to the Jewel concert. (: The Oregon Zoo is the bomb-diggity, even if I'm going in shorts and it's really hella-cloudy outside. I was pretty productive  yesterday, in terms of fic writing. I've got about two short ones written in my journal so it'll be a matter of time until I get them transferred to my laptop.

eta: i love when i do it wrong. DD:
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2010-06-24 07:19 am

Wipe Out, i missed you

lmfao Fierce Dragon. About 5 minutes in, and it is hilarious.

My life will be spent on Wipe Out and Glee today on Hulu. <:

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2010-06-23 09:28 pm

totally alive.

So I went camping for way too long with only family. I may have gone crazy, but it's all good now that i'm with my friends again. I'm downloading the new glee soundtracks, since even though I refuse to watch the show (they really did strange things with the plot, esp. in the beginning with the fake pregnancy :/) I really adore the songs.

I'm also writing an insanely long fic that I doubt will be ready for display until October, so there's that. And a shit load of other fics that are just... not going to be finished this summer. This is an insanely busy summer for me, what with all the friend stuff happening, camping/camps, and vacations. Once school starts I think I'll be able to set aside some Me Time and write.

Also, my phone. It is making me so unbelievably angry. Thank God I only have to wait until August to get a new one, because if I had to deal with it for one more school year, I'd probably throw it against a wall. I'm torn between the Samsung Seek and the Samsung Instinct, either of which I could get since my mom spoils me. :/ This is about as serious a decision a teenager can make lmfao.
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2010-06-15 01:05 pm

Anne Rice/Paragraphs OTP

 Well, came home and found $40 on the countertop from my mom and dad for completing this year with fabulous grades. (: I foresee a mall trip in my future~ SCHOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER. SCHOOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOREVER.

AND FML. School starts September 1. 8\ It's never started that early... ever. I'm really not okay with these budget cuts at all. I mean, I have no room to talk and all, but still. I love school but not that much. At least the bell times stay the same, and we still have late starts of Wednesdays. Silver lining, I guess.

I have two options today. 1.) finish all the half-assed attempts at fanfic in my inbox or 2.) listen to audiobooks until I fall asleep to the soothing voice of the man who reads them. Like, no joke, this guy has the voice of an angel. And he makes Anne Rice's writing less straining on my eyes with her huge blocks of text. But I love her characters (...but I might not after what my friend has said has happened after QotD since I heard that Lestat goes all creeper and sucks blood out of a pad, which I'm praying to God isn't true.) and I really, really want to finish the series just to say that I have.

And I think I may officially move to DW, but idk. It's not ~*~super magical fantasy land~*~ compared to LJ, but it's like Obama (DW) to Bush (LJ). And I rather like this "celery" layout. It's one of my life colors, or whatever that birthday book says.

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2010-06-14 09:20 pm

i'm leaving in on a jet plane

Stitches are out. Whoo! Now I can... run, like I just did earlier. Probably not the best thing to do but hey, how much harm can it do, right? It's not like I was sprinting or anything.

I blame Maddy so, so much for this stupid obsession of mine with Edward Cullen/Louis de Pointe du Lac. And Laurent/Edward. 8/ FML. My love for crack pairings is just... ridiculous. And I have this thing where I make it all super srs bsns like it's legit. Oh yeah man. And I finally decided that True Blood is not for me because omfg Anna P. makes me so annoyed it's just unbelievable. I think it's because she's so... helpless in all the roles she plays (except for Marie/Rogue, but even then... meh). I like strong!empowered!women, fictional women I can look up to because I feel so out of the loop b/c all my friends look up to a fictional character and I'm just like "...I look up to my mom U:". But w/e - my mom's cool.

Note to self: find a mothertruckin' beta somewhere out there in the big wide interwebz. 8/

Well, my older sister and niece are staying over and I need to get extra sleep, even though it's late start/early release tomorrow. *\o/* so excited to be out of school for a few months (even if I will be out camping... and at bible camp... and hanging out with my friends...)

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2010-06-14 11:55 am

mr. blue, i told you that i love you please believe me

Day 1 of finals is done. Thank goodness. Tomorrow will be better - it won't be cloudy and cold. :\ Maybe that's what's making me all funky today? I get all... depressing when the sun isn't out, haha.

Or maybe it's the fact that I slept with a comforter that my grandma gave me that belonged to my grandpa. :/ It's been a year and a few months since he died, and it's like... an image I'll never get out of my head. 3/3/09. That year was just a terrible year, tbh. Kris, grandpa, and Quinn. Definitely a shitty year for Wy'East.

Then again, I could just be bummed out that I won't see any of my upperclassmen buddies next year. /: They're all so cool hahaha. Maybe it's just an off day?

So, today at 4 is my doctor's appointment. But the dr's sick so we'll have a nurse examine my stitches (in the most fabulous place ever for strangers to be looking at .-.) and if we don't get them out today, it'll be on Thursday. I'm just sooooo over this cyst business. I can't run anymore, but I still have my massive athlete appetite so I've gained a few pounds since last November. UGH. Just.... so over not being able to work out hahaha.

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2010-06-13 07:45 pm

in which i realize that i make no sense in anything ever

So I have a pet spider. 8\

Not willingly, but... it's kind of hanging out under my desk near the white plug-in things. It's not like fiercely huge or anything, but it's... cool, I guess? I mean it doesn't do anything besides go back and forth some days and I'm pretty sure that by now it's dead (possibly after laying eggs ew fml). But it's just weird because, like, I absolutely hate spiders and will go out of my way to either kill or avoid them. But I like this spider. Kind of. Not really.

Or maybe I'm just too lazy to do anything about it. Either way, looks like I have a new pet spider. Hollaluyer. I'll name him (her? it?) Lawrence, since I just finished watching The Wolfman with my mom for like the 50th time this year. I've never seen the original but I don't really like old movies. /: Like every teenager, I need action! gore! romance! comedy! fast-paced story! And Hannibal should fit in there somewhere as well.

So I'm downloading audio books of the vampire chronicles, since I only have up to the body thief and the huge text walls are really... not calling my name. I didn't even read all of Queen of the Damned, either (note to self: WATCH THAT MOVIE AGAIN AND LIMEWIRE THE SOUNDTRACK), just kind of... scanned it. I really adore Anne Rice and her writing and all, but seriously? My icon applies here. ._. lol fandomwank

UHM. My laptop is a piece of crap and I should have gotten a new one when I got the chance. Though I rather like the stuff I bought with my cash, so I'm not complaining too much. My older bro was playing my DS (HeartGold ftw) for a little bit and said to keep it around because he wanted to play it. I'll just give him SoulSilver because HeartGold is my baby. <: I put over 57 hours of my life into that game lol.

Older sis is finally moved in with my grandma, so it'll be fun over there lmfao. 3 generations are over there - my niece, my sister, and my grandma. U: I just hope my grandma doesn't go crazy haha.

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2010-06-13 01:36 pm

my little sister is my own personal grudgewanking troll.

So today was a pretty good day. Still is, since it's only 1 pm, but whatever. My little sister has been trolling me all freaking day at this guy's house we went to with my older sister and cousins. I ended up talking to this guy about Heroes (and how amazing it used to be) for like an hour while my little sister played with the bajillion chickens they had in the backyard. Portland is amazing sometimes.

Anyway, this guy is like 27 and it's hilarious because he kept trying to like touch me. It's like, dude, wayyyy too young for you. I just found it pretty hilarious, especially because his younger brother (like 17 or whatever) was flirting with my older sister (who's 26), so it's like... reversed dynamics or something. It made my day.

Two more days then I'll finally be able to turn off my iHome alarm. So excited for that, though I'll miss not waking up to Justin Bieber in the morning. ): I bet my mom'll be happy not having like three minutes of JB blasting at 6 am before all goes silent.

Hmmm. Officially off vegetarian diet, but still not going to drink milk. 8\ Ice cream is fine, I guess, but soy milk forever, bb.

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2010-06-13 12:11 pm
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My website, The Darkest Harmony, has been updated with the fics from my previous adventures in fandom. Oh baby, this'll be good.
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2010-06-12 05:54 pm

x-tina is turning into lady gaga .-.

Hot, hot day. 85 was the high, and I loooooved it. Still do, since it's almost 6 PM now and plenty hot, but it's so nice when the sun comes out to play. (: Nothing interesting really happened that's worth mentioning, sadly.

I finished a Lestat/Louis ficlet that's a little darker than I intended but hey, it's good enough. Edited it in like five seconds and it'll probably rot in my gmail account until I either get back to my mom's or work up the courage to post something to LJ. The drabble was a success, imho, but I get so lazy with posting sometimes.

And I've decided to start my Edward/Louis claim at mission_insane with a few established relationship fics first, since those are the easiest. I probably won't post them first, but it's easier than doing a whole chaptered thing. Or I could just do one shot after one shot, beginning with their meeting. 8\ IDK decisions, decisions.

So Dracula has caught my attention, even though I read it like... forever ago. I thought there'd be a lot more Dracula/Johnathan than there is, and it kinda makes me sad. Oh well, looks like I'll contribute to that, if I ever get around to rereading it. And LOL all my fandoms make me out to be some vampire-lusting teenager but I'm really not. D; I listen to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney, and all that crap. And country - like, loads of it.

It just so happens my favorite fandoms are vampire ones. :B Even though I refuse to watch Buffy, but I will admit, I was in loooooooove with the original movie.

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2010-06-11 03:49 pm

(no subject)

Hmm. Well, today was full of... memories. Some good, some bad, some crazy. It's the first anniversary of Quinn's death and the entire school was just... quiet, surprisingly. Nobody was annoying, obnoxious, or anything else inappropriate. I stayed away from his close, close friends who were crying and just... was on my own for the day, kind of. :/ Just... heavy stuff. I need something to brighten up my day, haha.

Going to see my niece for the first time in a few weeks, and I'm really close to getting a babysitting job for the summer. IDK if it's paid yet but either way, it'll be nice to do something this summer besides Paulina Lake, bible camp, and Sunriver. And she has a 2 year old apparently and my mom said he was cute so I'm really excited. :B Tuesday night will be my first night, if all goes well after I meet her (IIRC, but I've been out of it today so I probably heard my mom wrong).

Today will mark me finally starting my first Edward/Louis fic! (: A serious crossover between Twilight and Vampire Chronicles, which will be posted to my website and LJ once I've finished it completely. With me, WIPs never get finished if I don't finish them first before posting them. But I really feel this one, since I RPed Edward Cullen for a few months before just... disappearing, haha. I swear I won't do that this time around. (: It's too easy on LJ but DW... it just seems like such a select group of people and I really want to be part of it.

xoxo I hope y'all have a good day.
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2010-06-10 03:05 pm

very first post!

Well! How exciting! My very own dreamwidth account, and even though I don't have any friends on it right now, I still think it's cool to have a journal! (:

So... today was pretty freaking fab. I love when I wake up feeling like shit and by the end of the day I can't stop smiling. (:

I've realized things that really interest me: history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. Ha ha for somebody like me to like things this nerdy, it's kind of... a shocker, y'know? I mean I'm only 15 and it's like whoawhoawhoa, total nerd alert! And it's funny because I've been in fandom since I was like 11 and have actually written PWPs. (Very, very disgusting and inaccurate, now that I read back on my mule accounts, but still. Now I know what NOT to do, at least kind of.)

But... yeah. Life is good. (: But all this rain is seriously cramping my style - school gets out on Tuesday and it seems like I have over 2 months of school left!!!! At least it's supposed to be hella-sunny the last days of school.

Oh, and my dad officially will not stop saying 'trippin' balls' after I said it to him on accident. Things like that slip out in front of my parents lmfao. But it's like... omfg it's hilarious as shit but then again it's like DAD WHAT. At least he's cool. (And it's still funny people don't believe he's my dad because he's like milk chocolate and I'm hella-white.) BUT ANYWAY WHATEVER.

I signed up for a lot of AP classes next year. I hope I can keep up with those, the sports I'll be playing, AND my own social life with my friends and family shit. And fandom, of course, if I decide not to ditch out like I almost always do. But I think that this time is different. (: 4850982309843209430923948209384023rd times the charm, right?