Jun. 23rd, 2010

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So I went camping for way too long with only family. I may have gone crazy, but it's all good now that i'm with my friends again. I'm downloading the new glee soundtracks, since even though I refuse to watch the show (they really did strange things with the plot, esp. in the beginning with the fake pregnancy :/) I really adore the songs.

I'm also writing an insanely long fic that I doubt will be ready for display until October, so there's that. And a shit load of other fics that are just... not going to be finished this summer. This is an insanely busy summer for me, what with all the friend stuff happening, camping/camps, and vacations. Once school starts I think I'll be able to set aside some Me Time and write.

Also, my phone. It is making me so unbelievably angry. Thank God I only have to wait until August to get a new one, because if I had to deal with it for one more school year, I'd probably throw it against a wall. I'm torn between the Samsung Seek and the Samsung Instinct, either of which I could get since my mom spoils me. :/ This is about as serious a decision a teenager can make lmfao.


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