Jun. 12th, 2010

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Hot, hot day. 85 was the high, and I loooooved it. Still do, since it's almost 6 PM now and plenty hot, but it's so nice when the sun comes out to play. (: Nothing interesting really happened that's worth mentioning, sadly.

I finished a Lestat/Louis ficlet that's a little darker than I intended but hey, it's good enough. Edited it in like five seconds and it'll probably rot in my gmail account until I either get back to my mom's or work up the courage to post something to LJ. The drabble was a success, imho, but I get so lazy with posting sometimes.

And I've decided to start my Edward/Louis claim at mission_insane with a few established relationship fics first, since those are the easiest. I probably won't post them first, but it's easier than doing a whole chaptered thing. Or I could just do one shot after one shot, beginning with their meeting. 8\ IDK decisions, decisions.

So Dracula has caught my attention, even though I read it like... forever ago. I thought there'd be a lot more Dracula/Johnathan than there is, and it kinda makes me sad. Oh well, looks like I'll contribute to that, if I ever get around to rereading it. And LOL all my fandoms make me out to be some vampire-lusting teenager but I'm really not. D; I listen to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney, and all that crap. And country - like, loads of it.

It just so happens my favorite fandoms are vampire ones. :B Even though I refuse to watch Buffy, but I will admit, I was in loooooooove with the original movie.



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