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Day 1 of finals is done. Thank goodness. Tomorrow will be better - it won't be cloudy and cold. :\ Maybe that's what's making me all funky today? I get all... depressing when the sun isn't out, haha.

Or maybe it's the fact that I slept with a comforter that my grandma gave me that belonged to my grandpa. :/ It's been a year and a few months since he died, and it's like... an image I'll never get out of my head. 3/3/09. That year was just a terrible year, tbh. Kris, grandpa, and Quinn. Definitely a shitty year for Wy'East.

Then again, I could just be bummed out that I won't see any of my upperclassmen buddies next year. /: They're all so cool hahaha. Maybe it's just an off day?

So, today at 4 is my doctor's appointment. But the dr's sick so we'll have a nurse examine my stitches (in the most fabulous place ever for strangers to be looking at .-.) and if we don't get them out today, it'll be on Thursday. I'm just sooooo over this cyst business. I can't run anymore, but I still have my massive athlete appetite so I've gained a few pounds since last November. UGH. Just.... so over not being able to work out hahaha.



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