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So today was a pretty good day. Still is, since it's only 1 pm, but whatever. My little sister has been trolling me all freaking day at this guy's house we went to with my older sister and cousins. I ended up talking to this guy about Heroes (and how amazing it used to be) for like an hour while my little sister played with the bajillion chickens they had in the backyard. Portland is amazing sometimes.

Anyway, this guy is like 27 and it's hilarious because he kept trying to like touch me. It's like, dude, wayyyy too young for you. I just found it pretty hilarious, especially because his younger brother (like 17 or whatever) was flirting with my older sister (who's 26), so it's like... reversed dynamics or something. It made my day.

Two more days then I'll finally be able to turn off my iHome alarm. So excited for that, though I'll miss not waking up to Justin Bieber in the morning. ): I bet my mom'll be happy not having like three minutes of JB blasting at 6 am before all goes silent.

Hmmm. Officially off vegetarian diet, but still not going to drink milk. 8\ Ice cream is fine, I guess, but soy milk forever, bb.



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