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Well! How exciting! My very own dreamwidth account, and even though I don't have any friends on it right now, I still think it's cool to have a journal! (:

So... today was pretty freaking fab. I love when I wake up feeling like shit and by the end of the day I can't stop smiling. (:

I've realized things that really interest me: history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. Ha ha for somebody like me to like things this nerdy, it's kind of... a shocker, y'know? I mean I'm only 15 and it's like whoawhoawhoa, total nerd alert! And it's funny because I've been in fandom since I was like 11 and have actually written PWPs. (Very, very disgusting and inaccurate, now that I read back on my mule accounts, but still. Now I know what NOT to do, at least kind of.)

But... yeah. Life is good. (: But all this rain is seriously cramping my style - school gets out on Tuesday and it seems like I have over 2 months of school left!!!! At least it's supposed to be hella-sunny the last days of school.

Oh, and my dad officially will not stop saying 'trippin' balls' after I said it to him on accident. Things like that slip out in front of my parents lmfao. But it's like... omfg it's hilarious as shit but then again it's like DAD WHAT. At least he's cool. (And it's still funny people don't believe he's my dad because he's like milk chocolate and I'm hella-white.) BUT ANYWAY WHATEVER.

I signed up for a lot of AP classes next year. I hope I can keep up with those, the sports I'll be playing, AND my own social life with my friends and family shit. And fandom, of course, if I decide not to ditch out like I almost always do. But I think that this time is different. (: 4850982309843209430923948209384023rd times the charm, right?


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