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Stitches are out. Whoo! Now I can... run, like I just did earlier. Probably not the best thing to do but hey, how much harm can it do, right? It's not like I was sprinting or anything.

I blame Maddy so, so much for this stupid obsession of mine with Edward Cullen/Louis de Pointe du Lac. And Laurent/Edward. 8/ FML. My love for crack pairings is just... ridiculous. And I have this thing where I make it all super srs bsns like it's legit. Oh yeah man. And I finally decided that True Blood is not for me because omfg Anna P. makes me so annoyed it's just unbelievable. I think it's because she's so... helpless in all the roles she plays (except for Marie/Rogue, but even then... meh). I like strong!empowered!women, fictional women I can look up to because I feel so out of the loop b/c all my friends look up to a fictional character and I'm just like "...I look up to my mom U:". But w/e - my mom's cool.

Note to self: find a mothertruckin' beta somewhere out there in the big wide interwebz. 8/

Well, my older sister and niece are staying over and I need to get extra sleep, even though it's late start/early release tomorrow. *\o/* so excited to be out of school for a few months (even if I will be out camping... and at bible camp... and hanging out with my friends...)


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