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 Well, came home and found $40 on the countertop from my mom and dad for completing this year with fabulous grades. (: I foresee a mall trip in my future~ SCHOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER. SCHOOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOREVER.

AND FML. School starts September 1. 8\ It's never started that early... ever. I'm really not okay with these budget cuts at all. I mean, I have no room to talk and all, but still. I love school but not that much. At least the bell times stay the same, and we still have late starts of Wednesdays. Silver lining, I guess.

I have two options today. 1.) finish all the half-assed attempts at fanfic in my inbox or 2.) listen to audiobooks until I fall asleep to the soothing voice of the man who reads them. Like, no joke, this guy has the voice of an angel. And he makes Anne Rice's writing less straining on my eyes with her huge blocks of text. But I love her characters (...but I might not after what my friend has said has happened after QotD since I heard that Lestat goes all creeper and sucks blood out of a pad, which I'm praying to God isn't true.) and I really, really want to finish the series just to say that I have.

And I think I may officially move to DW, but idk. It's not ~*~super magical fantasy land~*~ compared to LJ, but it's like Obama (DW) to Bush (LJ). And I rather like this "celery" layout. It's one of my life colors, or whatever that birthday book says.

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So I have a pet spider. 8\

Not willingly, but... it's kind of hanging out under my desk near the white plug-in things. It's not like fiercely huge or anything, but it's... cool, I guess? I mean it doesn't do anything besides go back and forth some days and I'm pretty sure that by now it's dead (possibly after laying eggs ew fml). But it's just weird because, like, I absolutely hate spiders and will go out of my way to either kill or avoid them. But I like this spider. Kind of. Not really.

Or maybe I'm just too lazy to do anything about it. Either way, looks like I have a new pet spider. Hollaluyer. I'll name him (her? it?) Lawrence, since I just finished watching The Wolfman with my mom for like the 50th time this year. I've never seen the original but I don't really like old movies. /: Like every teenager, I need action! gore! romance! comedy! fast-paced story! And Hannibal should fit in there somewhere as well.

So I'm downloading audio books of the vampire chronicles, since I only have up to the body thief and the huge text walls are really... not calling my name. I didn't even read all of Queen of the Damned, either (note to self: WATCH THAT MOVIE AGAIN AND LIMEWIRE THE SOUNDTRACK), just kind of... scanned it. I really adore Anne Rice and her writing and all, but seriously? My icon applies here. ._. lol fandomwank

UHM. My laptop is a piece of crap and I should have gotten a new one when I got the chance. Though I rather like the stuff I bought with my cash, so I'm not complaining too much. My older bro was playing my DS (HeartGold ftw) for a little bit and said to keep it around because he wanted to play it. I'll just give him SoulSilver because HeartGold is my baby. <: I put over 57 hours of my life into that game lol.

Older sis is finally moved in with my grandma, so it'll be fun over there lmfao. 3 generations are over there - my niece, my sister, and my grandma. U: I just hope my grandma doesn't go crazy haha.


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