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So today was a pretty good day. Still is, since it's only 1 pm, but whatever. My little sister has been trolling me all freaking day at this guy's house we went to with my older sister and cousins. I ended up talking to this guy about Heroes (and how amazing it used to be) for like an hour while my little sister played with the bajillion chickens they had in the backyard. Portland is amazing sometimes.

Anyway, this guy is like 27 and it's hilarious because he kept trying to like touch me. It's like, dude, wayyyy too young for you. I just found it pretty hilarious, especially because his younger brother (like 17 or whatever) was flirting with my older sister (who's 26), so it's like... reversed dynamics or something. It made my day.

Two more days then I'll finally be able to turn off my iHome alarm. So excited for that, though I'll miss not waking up to Justin Bieber in the morning. ): I bet my mom'll be happy not having like three minutes of JB blasting at 6 am before all goes silent.

Hmmm. Officially off vegetarian diet, but still not going to drink milk. 8\ Ice cream is fine, I guess, but soy milk forever, bb.



Jun. 13th, 2010 12:11 pm
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My website, The Darkest Harmony, has been updated with the fics from my previous adventures in fandom. Oh baby, this'll be good.
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Hot, hot day. 85 was the high, and I loooooved it. Still do, since it's almost 6 PM now and plenty hot, but it's so nice when the sun comes out to play. (: Nothing interesting really happened that's worth mentioning, sadly.

I finished a Lestat/Louis ficlet that's a little darker than I intended but hey, it's good enough. Edited it in like five seconds and it'll probably rot in my gmail account until I either get back to my mom's or work up the courage to post something to LJ. The drabble was a success, imho, but I get so lazy with posting sometimes.

And I've decided to start my Edward/Louis claim at mission_insane with a few established relationship fics first, since those are the easiest. I probably won't post them first, but it's easier than doing a whole chaptered thing. Or I could just do one shot after one shot, beginning with their meeting. 8\ IDK decisions, decisions.

So Dracula has caught my attention, even though I read it like... forever ago. I thought there'd be a lot more Dracula/Johnathan than there is, and it kinda makes me sad. Oh well, looks like I'll contribute to that, if I ever get around to rereading it. And LOL all my fandoms make me out to be some vampire-lusting teenager but I'm really not. D; I listen to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney, and all that crap. And country - like, loads of it.

It just so happens my favorite fandoms are vampire ones. :B Even though I refuse to watch Buffy, but I will admit, I was in loooooooove with the original movie.

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Hmm. Well, today was full of... memories. Some good, some bad, some crazy. It's the first anniversary of Quinn's death and the entire school was just... quiet, surprisingly. Nobody was annoying, obnoxious, or anything else inappropriate. I stayed away from his close, close friends who were crying and just... was on my own for the day, kind of. :/ Just... heavy stuff. I need something to brighten up my day, haha.

Going to see my niece for the first time in a few weeks, and I'm really close to getting a babysitting job for the summer. IDK if it's paid yet but either way, it'll be nice to do something this summer besides Paulina Lake, bible camp, and Sunriver. And she has a 2 year old apparently and my mom said he was cute so I'm really excited. :B Tuesday night will be my first night, if all goes well after I meet her (IIRC, but I've been out of it today so I probably heard my mom wrong).

Today will mark me finally starting my first Edward/Louis fic! (: A serious crossover between Twilight and Vampire Chronicles, which will be posted to my website and LJ once I've finished it completely. With me, WIPs never get finished if I don't finish them first before posting them. But I really feel this one, since I RPed Edward Cullen for a few months before just... disappearing, haha. I swear I won't do that this time around. (: It's too easy on LJ but DW... it just seems like such a select group of people and I really want to be part of it.

xoxo I hope y'all have a good day.
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Well! How exciting! My very own dreamwidth account, and even though I don't have any friends on it right now, I still think it's cool to have a journal! (:

So... today was pretty freaking fab. I love when I wake up feeling like shit and by the end of the day I can't stop smiling. (:

I've realized things that really interest me: history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. Ha ha for somebody like me to like things this nerdy, it's kind of... a shocker, y'know? I mean I'm only 15 and it's like whoawhoawhoa, total nerd alert! And it's funny because I've been in fandom since I was like 11 and have actually written PWPs. (Very, very disgusting and inaccurate, now that I read back on my mule accounts, but still. Now I know what NOT to do, at least kind of.)

But... yeah. Life is good. (: But all this rain is seriously cramping my style - school gets out on Tuesday and it seems like I have over 2 months of school left!!!! At least it's supposed to be hella-sunny the last days of school.

Oh, and my dad officially will not stop saying 'trippin' balls' after I said it to him on accident. Things like that slip out in front of my parents lmfao. But it's like... omfg it's hilarious as shit but then again it's like DAD WHAT. At least he's cool. (And it's still funny people don't believe he's my dad because he's like milk chocolate and I'm hella-white.) BUT ANYWAY WHATEVER.

I signed up for a lot of AP classes next year. I hope I can keep up with those, the sports I'll be playing, AND my own social life with my friends and family shit. And fandom, of course, if I decide not to ditch out like I almost always do. But I think that this time is different. (: 4850982309843209430923948209384023rd times the charm, right?


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