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Hmm. Well, today was full of... memories. Some good, some bad, some crazy. It's the first anniversary of Quinn's death and the entire school was just... quiet, surprisingly. Nobody was annoying, obnoxious, or anything else inappropriate. I stayed away from his close, close friends who were crying and just... was on my own for the day, kind of. :/ Just... heavy stuff. I need something to brighten up my day, haha.

Going to see my niece for the first time in a few weeks, and I'm really close to getting a babysitting job for the summer. IDK if it's paid yet but either way, it'll be nice to do something this summer besides Paulina Lake, bible camp, and Sunriver. And she has a 2 year old apparently and my mom said he was cute so I'm really excited. :B Tuesday night will be my first night, if all goes well after I meet her (IIRC, but I've been out of it today so I probably heard my mom wrong).

Today will mark me finally starting my first Edward/Louis fic! (: A serious crossover between Twilight and Vampire Chronicles, which will be posted to my website and LJ once I've finished it completely. With me, WIPs never get finished if I don't finish them first before posting them. But I really feel this one, since I RPed Edward Cullen for a few months before just... disappearing, haha. I swear I won't do that this time around. (: It's too easy on LJ but DW... it just seems like such a select group of people and I really want to be part of it.

xoxo I hope y'all have a good day.


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